Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chastity : Guard Before It Is Gone

Women must be extra careful when accepting good deeds from others. Because it may mean, in the long run, will flourish and bloom into some intimate relations thus getting and enjoying your body with or without payment. Do not be guilty to our future generations due to inability to guard our chastity at any time especially when we are young. We should be smarter to evaluate and act for the our own good to stay chaste.

A woman's body is not a commodity to be bartered or sacrificed even though much kindness is received from others. Anywhere our body is too valuable and should not be. Our duty to look after yourself is a trust. Our body should be specially reserved for our legal husband after marriage. It is too important to understand and appreciate this. Stop fooling around as our chastity is at stake now. This life is real. You are not an actress or artist busying with external outlook only but devoid of faith and values coming from pure heart.

As legal daughter from a legal or a valid marriage of our parents (if doubtful, just ask mum nicely as soon as possible) we should never be responsible for, sorry to say, illegitimate babies. These babies are pure and innocent and have the right to live a life like others. It becomes a living testimony of mother’s failure once (or always) to manage and control the young carnal desires. Actually the carnal desire is forever young, it is ageless. Please do not test our carnal desires for many have failed miserably spoiling ourselves and others.

A woman's chastity is ripped mercilessly in the pseudoname of love, in most cases, by her hero who will usually and slowly disappear like the famous act of once famous illusionist David Copperfield. The eagle will just fly away after it had tasted what it was looking for at last and enjoyed the feast. Who is the next victim?

Majority of us know too well that illicit sex or fornication – making love without valid marriage - is forever forbidden in all known religions around us. Sometimes we can just learn many lessons from others without experimenting them ourselves. This life is too short to be a guinea pig to try everything. Women are not that cheap and flimsy to be just some blow-up doll that a man can use and then deflate and put away until the next time.

Do not blur or spoil the lineage of your family genealogy. Please do not initiate the vicious cycle in this temporary life. Remember: Illicit relation will only damage our chastity and cause illegitimate babies. We think we are all educated but we fail to understand the purpose of our short existence. We may not be highly educated but we do manage to live the life of an educated person.

Be Smart Avoid Illicit Relation