Monday, May 08, 2006


In Papaya as Medicine, its author spent pages 75-87 to cite expriences of cancer sufferers, mostly Australian, who have been healed by God’s Mercy, by drinking papaya leaf concentrate.

Directions (see pages 79-80):
1. Use 7 medium size papaya leaves – not very old ones, and not too young.
2. The leaves should be washed thoroughly and partly dried.
3. Cut them like cabbage.
4. Put them in a saucepan together with 2 litres of water.
5. Bring the water and leaves to the boil and simmer (without a lid) until the water is reduced by half.
6. Strain the liquid and bottle in glass containers.
7. The concentrate will keep in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days.
8. The recommended dosage is 50ml three times a day.
9. If the concentrate becomes cloudy it should be discarded.

Dear cancer suffers, why not we just try drinking papaya leaf concentrate. There is nothing wrong to try. Hopefully by Allah’s Mercy and Permission, we are healed...then we can many things to do to help His Way and His servants. Allah Knows better.

Towards Just & Peaceful World

Harald W Tietze (2001) Papaya as Medicine. Subang Jaya: Pelanduk Publications. Originally published in 1997 oleh Harald W. Tietze Publishing Pty Ltd, Australia.

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