Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Absence of Najib, et al during budget debate condemned

Harakahdaily,02 October 2012 
Oct 2: The absence of all cabinet members including prime minister Najib Razak in parliament during the 90-minute speech yesterday by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on the debate has been slammed as "irresponsible" by a PKR leader.

"Najib and his Minister's conduct is a huge embarassment for our parliamentary democracy and renders laughable Najib's claim of running the ' best democracy in the world'," said PKR vice president N Surendran.

Surendran said their action showed that the cabinet not only did not respect the democractic system, but also proved that they were not prepared to face criticism or debate.

He pointed out that prime ministers of Britain and Australia were both present in their respective parliamentary session to listen to their opposition leaders' speeches on the budget.

"This has always been the practice in democratic Commonwealth parliaments and in accordance with time-honoured parliamentary convention," said Surendran, adding that Najib's "inability to face debate or criticism makes him a serious liability" to the country for undermining democracy.

Disappointed with Najib's absence, Anwar, who once served as Finance minister, said it had been a norm for the Finance minister to be present during the budget debate.

Anwar, who has repeatedly urged Najib to a public debate without a positive response from the latter, said the attitude only confirmed Najib's fear of him.

"When I invite him to debate, he doesn't dare. Now, even in Parliament, he doesn’t dare to come," he said.
Ulasan: Semua dapat cuti sakit? Nampaknya eloklah BN pencen. Bentang Bajet 2013 tanpa mempertahankannya...ini penyakit baru BN. Nampaknya memang BN tak sayang negara.

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